SAW - мониторинг активности пользователей работающих через Squid

10.02.2004 14:11

SAW (Squid Access.log Watcher) - система просмотра текущих запросов обслуживаемых прокси сервером squid в режиме реального времени через web-интерфейс. Кроме того программа позволяет ограничивать доступ к определенным URL, путем их помещения в список блокировки.

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SAW Squid Access.log Watcher
Version: 1.0
Date: 02 February 2004
By Karen Mkoyan |

This Web based program is assigned for viewing squid active requests in real time. Except for monitoring your users? activity you have possibility to automatically add domains/urls to a database file, and restrict access to those via squid acl.

Hence, you both see the activity and filter the content. You can also search the filter database.

Requirements: Perl, Apache web server, squid proxy/cache server.
Installation: unpack saw-1.0.tar.gz and run (that?s easy)
You can download this free software from:
Thanks Maxim Chirkov for hosting.