Базовая станция для беспроводного доступа на основе FreeBSD

04.04.2004 18:33

Небольшое HOWTO по настройке FreeBSD как базовой станции для небольшой беспроводной сети.

 Конфигурация:  wicontrol -f 7 # Sets the wireless card's frequency. Legally, the range is from 1 # (2.412 GHz) to 11 (2.462 GHz) in the US, 1 to 13 (2.472 GHz) in # Europe, 10 (2.457 GHz) to 13 in France, and 1 to 14 (2.484 GHz) # in Japan. Choose another frequency if desired.  wicontrol -p 1 # BSS mode, meaning clients must associate with an access point, # and cannot directly connect to one another.  wicontrol -c 1 # IBSS mode, an extention of BSS mode.  wicontrol -s "servername" # Sets the station name. Does not have to match host's DNS name.  wicontrol -k "12345" # The WEP key. Change to something a bit less obvious.  wicontrol -e 1 # Enables WEP security.  ifconfig wi0 ssid "frfa" # Sets the name of the wireless network.  ifconfig wi0 inet netmask # Sets the IP address and netmask of the wireless device. Change # the device name if necessary.