Новая версия ATA патчей для FreeBSD

17.02.2005 12:23

Soren Schmidt опубликовал вторую версию ATA патчей для FreeBSD-CURRENT и RELENG_5.

Относительно предыдущей версии произведены следующие исправления:

  • Fix ATA/ATAPI requests from userland.
  •  Cleanup the attach/detach code further.
  •  Add modules for atacard and atacbus
  •  Fix the current/real geometry handling for CHS mode.
  •   Add the ioctl interface back to ata-raid.c.
  •   Update the ioctl API to match new RAID levels etc.
  •   Add the infrastructure to allow create/delete/status of ATA RAID         arrays. NOTE only Promise and FreeBSD Pseudo RAIDs supported at        this time.
  •  Update atacontrol to know about the new RAID levels etc         NOTE: you need to recompile atacontrol with the new sys/ata.h,         make world will take care of that.
  • RAID5 test code *ONLY* reads and writes the data part, it does *NOT* maintain the parity part. That means it will trash a RAID5 array for later real use as the parity wont match the data one there.